I work to IGNITE something inside of my clients that helps them reach 

their goals. It may be restoring something they lost after being burned 
out or it may be a huge, "unreachable," dream they have never allowed
themselves to fully dream - giving visuals to what's in their heart. 
I believe each one of us are just a few steps away from accomplishing
our dreams or goals. Unfortunately so many brands fail because there is
no heart, vision or feeling that the consumer can participate in. In this day
& age, it is more important than ever to work together for a greater good. 
The word AGENCY can be describe as Action, Intervention, Force, Power
or producing a particular Effect. That is what we will do together.
“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”
-Jonathan Swift
"Anthony designed my logo. In working with him on other projects as well, I have learned he could probably figure out how to design and produce nearly anything. His work is excellent, as is his work ethic. He is able to anticipate the needs of his clients before they arise. He is a good listener and takes time to consider what would be best long term. He is confident, yet humble in his approach. He is an impressive professional. His work is excellent!" 
"Anthony is an incredibly talented designer with an eye for the details that most people pass by unnoticed. His sensitivity to what matters in a piece of work is what makes him stand out as an exceptional professional in his craft, and I would trust him in designing for my brand. I have collaborated with him on projects and have consulted him for help in solving design challenges, and he has not only provided great ideas, but he has thought of innovative solutions."
"Anthony is heaven sent, all heart. He over delivers and is more than just a creative designer. He is a joy to work with. No ego. Pure love. And an uncanny ability to really grasp a brand and make it flourish." 
“I have always considered Anthony to be "best in class" with respects to all round product design and aesthetics. As a Design Manager, it was evident that Anthony was extremely proficient in building product lines that were not only sale-able, but manufacturable as well. His Mac skills in my experience are second to none, and are so highly efficient that he contributes greatly to keeping the season on calendar. If I were currently expanding my apparel team, I would hire Anthony in a second..."
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